Having graduated from Istanbul Technical University Department of Industrial Product Design (BSc), I started to work for Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak who are the pioneers in the field of contemporary jewellery in Turkey. After my fourth year in their workshop I got the Fulbrigh Award and moved to USA to study master's degree. I got my MFA in Metal at State University of New York at New Paltz in 2009. Selen Ozus and I cofounded Maden Contemporary Jewellery Studio in 2011. Currently, I am an educator of contemporary jewellery and industrial design at Maden and Plato Higher College of Education respectively. 


Among my works, there are designed products along with functional and nonfunctional, artistic and arbitrary pieces that I cannot classify. Contemporary jewellery, which is my main field, comes and goes between these two related disciplines, stands closer to one of them time to time. I sometimes focus on a technique, a material or a visual data around me and create links among them while revealing my own point of view. I crave to ask uncommon questions and find alternative answers to them. Even though I enjoy sticking to my habits in the process of creation, I find theme shifts nourishing and exciting. I believe creating and making is a childlike addiction. That’s why my studio is my living room.